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Labor Only

Loading,Unloading, In-home.

We have the perfect service for the doers. Send Off two highly trained movers to help you finish the job

GPS Tracking On The Road

When our 2 movers are enroute to your home, track them with our Send Off Tracker to ensure you are prepared to move upon arrival.

gps tracking

Door Jammers

When moving items in your home, Door jammers are important to make sure your doorways is scratch free. We provide the jammers to send you off on a better future.

door jammers

Included in move

Send OFF Moving Gear

We bring everything to you from mattress bags to tv boxes for you on your moving day. Our heavy duty mattress bags are our gift to you when you choose send off to move you.


Moving Blankets

Sometimes you forget the important items needed when moving, We bring additional moving blankets and straps for you when we load you up.

Furniture Disassembly 

Accidents occur during transportation due to rocky roads. We bring additional straps as add-on to help your items stay secure during transportation.

Furniture disassembly
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