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Send Off A Crew.

Local Moves


We offer full service moves so you do not have to do not have to lift a single finger during your move.


Wardrobe boxes, Small - Medium boxes, Tv Boxes and mirror boxes are provided for you on the day of the move. We will prep every item in your home to be wrapped before our Send Off Movers come to transport the items on your scheduled move in day.

Packing boxes

Packing Paper

When packing the kitchen, We wrap every item individually with packing paper to ensure the safety of your items inside of the boxes during the move.

Packing paper

Included in move

Send OFF Moving Gear

We bring everything to you from mattress bags to tv boxes for you on your moving day. Our heavy duty mattress bags are our gift to you when you choose send off to move you.

bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

When packing super fragile items like china dishes, we bubble wrap the items due to the age of the dish and weakness of the glass that occurs overtime. 


Once your items arrive to your destination, we provide unpacking services same day or next day to help give you a boost to quickly settle into your new home with minimum effort.

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