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Improving Our Community Life With Moving


Driving a Sustainable Future

Heavy duty mattress bag
Heavy Duty mattress bags

Our heavy duty mattress bags were first implemented as a way to show our style and looks of the company. When our founder went to a California event, he learned about environmental issues on the plastic effect in our environment. Then the company started measuring the weight of mattress bags and started calculate the amount of plastic wasted with mattress bags. Over the past 6 months, we saved over 2,000 oz of plastic using our heavy duty reusable mattress bags with 78x more durable than a plastic mattress bag.

Operational Excellence

Our systems are built upon customer feedback. Started in 2020, we asked every customer what they would like to see happen in their move and we heard your cry. Our goal is to create the best customer experience possible for our clients by implementing processes that scientifically lower your stress during your move. The idea to offer GPS tracking came from our 39th customer when she was unprepared upon delivery.


We listened and act and since then has implemented 8 new processes to help improve your customer experience. 

Send Off Mover
Send Off Mover

Metrics and Goals

Heavy Duty mattress bags
Heavy Duty mattress bags

At Send Off, we move beyond just transporting belongings; we empathize with the impact every move has on both your life and the environment. In a recent reflection on the 174 beds we had the privilege of relocating, our choice to use heavy-duty reusable mattress bags translated into saving over 1500 ounces of plastic. This realization fills us with a sense of purpose and gratitude, as it reflects the small yet meaningful steps we're taking toward a more sustainable future.

Mattress bags

Our bags vs industry standard bags

Our bags vs industry bags

Community Impact

At Send Off Movers, community impact is not just a concept but a heart felt commitment. We proudly collaborate with local Saint Augustine businesses that specialize in reselling furniture at affordable prices. Throughout these partnerships, we aim to provide families in need with access to quality furniture, fostering a sense of community to the families of Saint Augustine.

Saint Augustine
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