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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Movers: Understanding the Costs Involved

Updated: May 22

Embarking on a journey to a new home or office is an adventure filled with excitement and anticipation. Yet, amidst the thrill of change, lies the labyrinth of moving costs – a maze that often bewilders the unprepared. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we illuminate the path ahead, shedding light on the intricacies of hiring movers and uncovering the secrets behind their pricing. Get ready to embark on a voyage of discovery as we decode the enigma of moving expenses and empower you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Step 1 : Determine the amount of movers needed for your move.

2 movers

average hourly price : $125hr - /$160/hr

Best for: 1 bedroom - 2 bedroom homes/apartments

Worse for : 3+ bedroom homes/apartment , 2+ bedroom home/apartment that is not on the first floor / single story

Reason : Although it may be enticing to only hire 2 movers to keep the hourly cost down, bringing just 2 movers to your home that has stairs can drain your movers which will cause the move to extend with time costing more money in the end.

3 movers

Average Hourly price : $170/hr - $200/hr

Best for: 2+ bedroom apartments with stairs/elevator apartments , townhomes , 3 bedroom home

Worse for: 1 bedroom , 5 items or less, 5+ bedroom homes

Reason : With companies having a 3hr minimum to service a job, bringing 3 movers to a small job can be a little overwhelming causing you to pay extra for a job that can take the same amount of time for 2 movers.

4 movers +

Average Hourly Price : $200/hr - $249/hr

Best for : 4+ bedrooms

Step 2 : Now that you understand how many movers you would like to complete your move, its time to call a company. With your inventory, they will give you a quote for your move based upon the pricing . Keep in mind that it is an estimated rate based upon the hours the company believe it will take to complete the move. Here are a couple questions to asked when receiving the quote.

  1. Will there be a drive time charge to get to my home? This is a very important question to ask. If a company charges $150/hr and your home is 30 minutes away , you will be paying $75 before the movers arrive to your home.

  2. How many moving pads will you bring( ideally every moving company should bring at least 25-35 to every job to ensure every item gets wrapped)

  3. Can i add full coverage insurance to my move? ( Most companies offer .60 per pound insurance coverage which can sometimes not work in your favor if you have lightweight valuable items) At send off, we offer Send off full coverage insurance for a 39.99 add on which covers your home and items during transport up to $10,000 in damages.

  4. How do you wrap glass items? Sometimes moving blankets are not enough. Mirror packs are skinny boxes that can fold and form together around glass items to protect the glass items and tvs as well. Send off movers bring 15 mirror packs to every job to ensure the best moving materials are chosen for certain items that needs to be wrapped.

  5. Do you provide mattress bags? Although it may seems like a no brainer to bring mattress bags to wrap the furiture piece you sleep on everyday, sometimes moving companies do not bring them or add an additional charge. If they do not bring them, just head to your nearest uhaual and pick up a couple mattress bags which should cost about $3-$8 depending on your size. Send off movers has speical heavy duty mattress bags that contains handles on the side that we provide to our clients free of charge. See picture below

Step 3 : Now that you have the questions to ask the moving company, this is the fun part: How to cut cost when moving

  1. Disassemble your beds

One of the most time consuming parts of moving is taking apart items. By dissassembling your beds yourself you can knock off 1-2 hours ($150-$300) from your move. Think about it , when a company charge hourly, every second counts. When the movers get to your home , they will be able to start wrapping and transporting items

2. Put the boxes in the living room

This technique is very underrated, but so beneficial when you think about the psycology of a mover. With all or most of the boxes being inside of the living room, the movers you hire can have a consisent walk flow saving them energy and ensuring a consistent effort throughout the entire room. If the boxes are scattered throughout the home, it inevitiably takes the moving company a little more time to complete the move by about 30 minutes.

3. Use trash bags

Your items are trash ofcourse, but when it comes to moving , trashbags are your friend. Heres a list of things that fits well in trash bags that makes packing alittle easier






Final thoughts: Moving is a simple quote process which typical includes these variables below.

number of trucks

hourly rates

supplies fee

gas charge

The good thing for hourly rates is that you can control the prices by having your home packed and ready to go. if you would like a quote for your move, click the link here to fill out a form and our booking agents will be able to give an accurate quote for your move!

Or give us a call at 904.521.3935

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